The importance of an aligned vision

The importance of an aligned vision

Are you aware of your company’s goals, vision and plans to achieve those laid out? As a business owner, you may have a clear idea of where you see your company going, but it is your job to ensure the rest of the team shares the same vision.

Your vision might seem clear in your mind, but many companies fail to communicate this to their teams causing the team to feel they are only working a 9-5 job and nothing more. Recent studies show that when a company has an aligned vision, they can achieve goals more efficiently and at times exceed expectations. Each member of your team needs a goal to work towards; every person wants more in their lives than just a job. Helping employees find an achievable goal will ensure loyalty through tough times and dedication to the roles they are playing in helping the company get there.

Let us consider the following example, Sally works an 8-5 job and has two children at home. She does not have any medical aid or pension benefits and stresses about this every day as this directly affects her children. Sally’s company has a set goal of providing health care to employees over the next two years; although there are specific targets they have laid out for upper-level management, but nothing has been communicated to the employees. If the company had shared their goal and plan to get there, most employees would do their best to achieve those results as they directly benefit.

The problem with many companies not laying out a clear vision makes it seem that the employees are only helping turn profits. Vision, goals and plans are essential to show your company what they can achieve together and the route on how to help get there. Not only does vision create a culture of loyalty but it also breeds trust within an organisation. The years of authoritarian/autocratic leadership has changed, and people look to join companies where there are new styles of leadership. Value-based leadership and democratic leadership is the most common in hugely successful companies, to create a winning culture it is crucial to allow the flow of communication between all parties. Start with the vision and work your way to the end goal. When last did you chat with your employees about the company’s goals and vision?


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