New Directions

New Directions

If you follow us on social media or at least our Facebook you will notice this weeks theme has been about new directions. Whether its new directions in business, banking or our personal lives we have used this week to steer our company towards our goals. So why would we concentrate on starting new things in October?

Well, the truth is this we have always heard it’s never too late to start but how many people do? If you had started the thing you loved most two years ago, you would be a lot further on your journey today. So what holds us back and how can we move forward? While we would love to claim to be gurus at life and we cannot pretend to be anything more than business innovators. Our team is made up of leaders in innovation, creativity and business and they are responsible for the great product that is FinYou. FinYou is the driving force behind many companies sales and adds affordability for your clients.

So what is FinYou and how does it work?

FinYou, as told by our leaders, is a product that allows you to offer your clients finance when they cannot afford a product or service that you provide. One of the biggest questions we get is why a company would need this service? Well, firstly, FinYou takes care of the admin and risk leaving you to concentrate on the sale. FinYou gives you an opportunity to generate more leads and close more deals with finance options on offer. What makes FinYou different from other companies that offer this service? Our first benefit is that we are online or in store, whichever suits your company model better. Our second benefit is that we do not pay the client, we pay the seller directly to ensure the client does not take his sale elsewhere – this guarantees the deal to you. Thirdly our incredible team is always available to assist from marketing assistance to dedicated training, we make our service priority and build relationshi[s with our clients to ensure a happy marriage between our companies.

So if you are looking for financial solutions or thinking of taking the leap then why not take your company in a new direction? If not now, then when?