How is digital defining our future?

How is digital defining our future?

We have noticed the need for brick and mortar stores has not decreased even though online shopping is becoming more and more popular. So why is this? Big cities are always opening large chain stores and while the elite seems to always be sipping coffee in the morning with friends after a shopping trip, we find that brick and mortar stores in rural areas get more traffic. The main reason for this being the low level of internet access or knowledge of certain technology available.

Companies like Uber do not service areas without a large demand for the service. This makes sense to many business owners, so why the need to progress if not everyone has equal access to technology? Although 55% of South Africa’s population live in poverty there are currently more than 18 million e-commerce users in South Africa, with an additional 6 million users expected to be shopping online by 2021. These e-commerce users have already spent 2.69 billion USD across many categories.

People love the easy access to goods and services, consumers are becoming more aware of supporting companies and brands they love. Traditional marketing will no longer cut it. In an age where information is shared instantaneously, the millennial generation is incredibly adept at filtering out everything except what they want. South Africa has over 14 million millennials, for instance, making up approximately 27% of the population.

Digital is the way forward. Digital marketing has become a necessity for all companies, you can now run your business from your Instagram page. Consumers of today love feeling like they are part of a company’s culture. If they support what your brand stands for, you will have a customer for life. So how can you sell without actually selling? This is the question we are faced with every day, selling a product directly is not going to help you get sales when dealing with the new age of consumers.

We have found that focusing on creating the voice of your company will largely affect the way your company is received in the market. If you are a beauty company, finding a brand ambassador with a loyal following will allow you to access a new customer. People love Youtube creators and as we progress in digital many brands are hoping to entice these ambassadors with money and deals but they are not so easily bought. Ambassadors with a loyal following will only accept deals that they believe in, many ambassadors have declined offers that they do not support.

There are many ways to create a voice for your company and we suggest investing time in creating a brand true to your company. Your customers will enjoy the story you have to tell and you will be able to interact with people in a new way.