Yes, any service or product can be financed through FinYou.

You need to contact the store directly to arrange for the return or replacement of any product. The Terms and conditions of the store will apply in accordance the CPA return policy.

When my loan has been approved, what will happen next:You will be notified of the approval, FinYou will request a invoice from a FinYou listed store of your choice, the financial service provider will contact you directly to do the contract with you. The funds will then be paid over to FinYou and FinYou in turn will pay the store. You can then go and collect your product.

Loan repayments will be according to the arrangements between the finance provider and yourself and will run over the period as agreed. Your monthly instalments will be deducted from your bank account, depending on the agreement with the finance provider.

Request the store or merchant to contact FinYou on 011 568 4911 or info@finyou.com. We will contact them and take care of the necessary administrative procedures to enable you to finance your purchases.

As soon as the payment process is completed and as per arrangements between you and the store

There is no additional charges to you as the client by applying through FinYou. Charges such as service and initiation fees are levied by the financial service providers in your repayment terms and conditions.

From R 500.00 up to R 260 000.00

Your repayment terms and the interest rate payable is subject to your individual credit profile and the offer from the financial service provider to you. FinYou does not determine the term nor does FinYou determine the interest rate that is offered to you by the financial service provider. The outcome of your application is also not affected in any way by applying through FinYou.

You could qualify for credit if:
* You are between the ages of 18 – 60 years.* You have a bank account and can supply 3 month’s bank statements with 3 months salary drops that correspond with your 3 latest payslips.
* Are you employed (not self-employed)?
* Have you been employed by your current employer for longer than 3 months?
* Your salary (not just commission) is paid into your bank account.
* You haven’t been handed over, sequestrated or been placed under debt review/administration.
* You do not have any accounts in arrears or any judgement against your name.
* You are a South African citizen with a green bar-coded ID/smart ID card.
* You work on a permanent contract base (not ongoing).

For the initial pre-assessment, you can expect feedback within the same day (12 business hours). The duration of the final assessment is subject to you providing us with all the correct supporting documentation. After receiving all the requested documentation it can take anything from 1-4 business days for your final assessment.

If you just need a tentative answer, you don’t need to submit any documentation with your application. After we processed your initial credit information to a registered financial provider you will receive an SMS stating the outcome of your credit assessment.
This pre-assessment is based on the financial service provider’s credit policy and NCA affordability requirements.

Once you have received the pre-assessment, you will need to submit the following documentation for the final assessment:

1. Certified colour copy of your green bar-coded South African ID book/smart ID card back and front.
2. Proof of address in your name not older than 3 months.
3. 3 Months up-to-date bank statements. No internet bank statements permitted and all bank statements must have a bank stamp.
4. Latest 3 months payslips
All documentation can be submitted to docs@finyou.com via email, you will also receive an email that indicates all relevant methods of providing FinYou with your supporting documentation.

To apply for a loan through FinYou you have four different options:

1. Complete a FinYou application form through a FinYou listed store of your choice and email the application through to applications@finyou.com
2. Ask the Retail Store to Capture the application in-store directly from their FinYou system.
3. If the store has a FinYou Website link you can apply online directly from their website.
4. Send an email inquiry to info@finyou.com

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